As taken from a Century of Parish Records:

                               Marriages                                     1,049

                               Baptisms                                     4,675

                               Confirmations                              2,423

                               Deaths                                        1,186

1st Recorded Marriage :  John Collier (Three Rock Cove), son of Thomas Collier & Lucy Hall,
and Flora Bruce (daughter of Julien Bruce & Anna Downey - Married on May 6th, 1912 and
witnessed by Robert Collier & Sarah Carter.

1st Recorded Baptism:  Paul LeCor (Born January 12th, 1912), Son of Joseph LeCor and
Helen March - Baptized on March 28th, 1912, Godparents being Ives Bozec & Marie Laine.

1st Recorded Death:  Mrs. "Widow" Laine of Three Rock Cove on October 10th, 1912 at
Age 86 and buried in Mainland Cemetery.

1st child as a result of the Re-Settlement Program baptized in Parish:  Margaret Mary Meaney,
Born August 4th, 1935, Baptized Sunday, August  6th 1935. Daughter of Patrick Meaney & Monica Emeberley.  Godparents: George Peters & Monica O'Gorman.  Margaret married Gervis Flynn on June 26th, 1954.

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