Reverend P. Pineault
1st Parish Priest of Lourdes
1912 - 1928

Reverend Pierre Adolphe Pineault was born at Rustico, Prince Edward Island on March 3rd, 1866.  Ordained May 21st, 1905 in Quebec, he worked in this Diocese under Bishops McNeil, Power and Renouf.  During his time here he built a Parish Hall and began construction of a Church.  After leaving Newfoundland in 1928, he spent some time in hospital in the United States, and afterwards assisted in several Parishes there.  Later, he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia where he worked until his health forced him to retire to the Sacred Heart home in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, where he died on July 14th, 1941.  He was buried in his home town of Rustico.  A "late vocation," he had been a tailor by profession before studying for the Priesthood.  He spoke English and French fluently and was an excellent musician.

Reverend Michael O'Reilly
2nd Parish Priest of Lourdes
1928 - 1941

Reverend Michael O'Reilly was born in County Caven, Ireland on February 13th, 1894.  He was ordained a priest in Ireland on June 17th, 1917.  Father O'Reilly came to Newfoundland on March 23rd, 1918 as an assistant priest at St. George's under Bishop Power, and later under Bishop Renouf.  On September 28th, 1928 he was appointed Parish Priest of Lourdes.  While here, he was a key figure in the formation of Credit Unions in the area, completed construction of the Parish Church started by Father Pineault and built a Parish house.  On September 9th, 1941 he was consecrated Bishop of the Diocese of St. George's.  His achievements as Bishop of the Diocese are well known, especially in the Land Settlement Program of 1934-1936.  He retired as Bishop of the Diocese in January 1970 and died at Stephenville in January of 1973.

Reverend Ronald Jones
3rd Parish Priest of Lourdes

Reverend Ronald Jones was born at Harbour Grace on September 22nd, 1906.  He was ordained to the priesthood at Halifax on June 24th, 1930.  He worked for some time in Harbour Grace Diocese and later came to work in the Diocese of St. George's and was appointed Parish Priest of Lourdes in 1941.  He continued work with Cooperatives in the Parish.  Several schools were built while he was here, including the large Elementary School at Lourdes.  In his latter years, he suffered ill health and died at Lourdes on November 19th, 1952 and was buried here.  A crypt built by a local mason, Mr. Michael Flaven, marks his burial site in the Church cemetery.

Reverend Robert Dale Hardy
4th Parish Priest of Lourdes

Reverend Robert D. Hardy was born at Newbury, Massachusetts, USA on October 5th, 1916.  He was ordained in the United States on June 6th, 1946.  Father Hardy came to Newfoundland in 1952 and that same year was appointed Parish Priest of Lourdes.  While here, he completed the Elementary School in Lourdes and built the School at Three Rock Cove.  (This building presently serves as a Mission Chapel for that Community - St. Philomena Chapel).  He also built the present Parish House after the old one was destroyed by fire.  In June, 1961 he was apponted Parish Priest of All Hallows Parish, Humbermouth.  He died in Corner Brook on August 20th, 1967 and was buried there.

Reverend Richard G. Tompkins
5th Parish Priest of Lourdes

Reverend Richard Tompkins was born in the Codroy Valley on July 26th, 1913.  He worked with the Newfoundland Department of Agriculture in this area before studying for the priesthood.  He was ordained at Searston on June 7th, 1945.  For awhile, he was on loan to the Diocese of Harbour Grace (now Grand Falls).  In this Diocese he worked at Corner Brook, was Parish Priest of Woods Island and later Parish Priest of St. Bernard's, Fortune Bay.  In June 1961, he was appointed Parish Priest of Lourdes.  As pastor here, he renovated the school at Mainland, built a wing on the Elementary School in Lourdes and built a one-room school at West Bay.  In 1966, he began construction of the present Parish Hall which also provided classroom space for grades 9, 10 and 11 while a new High School was under construction (the original Parish Hall burned in 1960). In June,1969 he became Parish Priest of Curling where he died in September, 1974.

Reverend Bernard Francis Buckle
6th Parish Priest of Lourdes
1969 - 1979

Reverend Bernard Buckle was born on April 4th, 1933 at Corner Brook. He attended school there and was employed with Bowater's after leaving high school. He studied at St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1957. That same year he entered St. Augustine's Seminary, Toronto and was ordained a priest on June 4th, 1961 at Corner Brook. After Ordination, he was appointed assistant Priest at Stephenville and remained there for eight years. On June 15th, 1969 he became Parish Priest of Lourdes where he remained for ten years. His tenure as Parish Priest saw the construction of the Elementary School, High School, Church and Ste. Anne's Primary School in Mainland. He became Parish Priest of St. Alban's in 1979 and remained there for five years after which he was appointed Parish Priest of St. Stephen's Parish in Stephenville.

Monsignor Michael Agustine Murphy
7th Parish Priest of Lourdes
1979 - 1984

Monsignor Murphy was born in Dublin, Ireland on August 5th, 1921. He moved to England as a child and was ordained there on May 31st,1947. He came to Newfoundland in July 1957 and was appointed assistant to Father Hardy at Lourdes. In 1958 he moved to St. Stephen's Parish where he remained until 1963 when he became Parish Priest of Port Saunders. From 1968 to 1979 he was Priest of All Hallows Parish, Corner Brook East. In August of 1979 he became Parish Priest of Lourdes and remained here for five years. During his time here, the extension of the Elementary School was completed and renovations were made to St. Ann Chapel in Mainland.  In December of 1984 he was appointed Parish Priest of Stephenville Crossing.

Reverend Desmond T. McGrath
8th Parish Priest of Lourdes
1984 - 1989

Reverend Desmond T. McGrath was born in Corner Brook in 1935. Father McGrath graduated from St. Bernard's Academy, Corner Brook and after a period of employment as an electrician at Bowater's Paper Mill, he entered St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, graduating in 1957. He then entered St. Augustine's Seminary in Toronto and was ordained a priest in 1961. After ordination he served as assistant priest of Cathedral Parish, Corner Brook. From 1968 to 1976 he served as Parish Priest of Port Saunders and it was during this time that he helped form the Newfoundland Fishermen's Union. In 1976, Father McGrath became Parish Priest of Cathedral Parish. From 1981 to 1984 he was on a leave of absence with the U.F.C.W. On December 15th, 1984 he was appointed Parish Priest of Lourdes. During his time in Lourdes major repairs and renovations to the Parish Hall were completed. Father McGrath was the pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish on the 75th Anniversary of the Parish.

Sister Betty Daniels
1st Sister of Lourdes
1989 - 1995

Sister Daniels is a member of the Presentation Order and was appointed as Pastoral Administrator to our Parish by Bishop Raymond J. Lahey.  This was a new arrangement for the Parish and proved to be an invaluable experience.  As we worked with Sister Betty and benefited from the gifts she brought to this Ministry, we came to a new awareness of our responsibilities as members of the Parish. Sister Betty co-ordinated all Services and Dedications. During this time period, Priests from the Parish of Cape St.George supplied Sacramental services and guidance.

Reverend Joseph Gash
9th Parish Priest of Lourdes
1995 - 1996

Father Gash was Administrator of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish for a one year period.  We are grateful for his prayers and guidance during this time.

Monsignor Jim Robertson
10th Parish Priest of Lourdes
1996 - 2000

Father Jim Robertson was Parish Priest during very challenging times, especially when we lost our Catholic education system in the Province and the system of Children's Religious Education had to be completely revamped. In addition to the regular demands of Parish life, Father Jim also supervised the construction of the new Ste. Anne Chapel at Mainland.

Reverend Simon Agboso
11th Parish Priest of Lourdes
2000 - 2002

Father Simon came to us from Ghana. He already served in two Parishes in the Diocese by the time he came to us. We are very grateful for his contribution to our Faith Development and Pastoral Work among us.

Reverend Jan Gal
12th Parish Priest of Lourdes
2002 - 2003

Father Jan Gal had been serving in the Diocese since the year 2000 before coming to our Parish. He administered the Parish for a one year period.  During his stay here a new Parish meeting room was developed in the Parish residence. This gave us a great space for gatherings and the Children's Liturgy on Sundays.

Reverend Edward Terry
13th Parish Priest of Lourdes
2003 - 2009

Reverend Edward Terry was born on March 2nd, 1949 at Corner Brook. He attended school there, and after finishing High School was employed with the Royal Stores for six and a half years. Finally deciding to pursue a vocation in the Priesthood, he studied at All Hallows College in Dublin, Ireland and was ordained on June 1st, 1982 at All Hallows Parish in Humbermouth, Newfoundland. After Ordination, he was appointed Assistant Priest at Holy Redeemer Cathedral, and remained there for seven years.  On August 10th, 1989, he was appointed Parish Priest at Cape St. George where he remained for five years before becoming Parish Priest at Sacred Heart Parish, Conche in 1994. After serving in this capacity for five years, he then did Sabbatical studies at All Hallows in Dublin. In 2000, he was appointed Parish priest of Port au Choix where he remained for three years until his appointment as Parish Priest of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in September 2003. During his time here he undertook an agressive program to upgrade and refurbish the Parish residence,Church and Auditorium which included removing the large window spaces at the front and rear of the Parish Church and replacing them with well insulated structures, constructing an eye-pleasing porch on the front of the Church and installing new comercial steel doors in both the Parish Church and Auditorium. The Parish house was also upgraded extensively with a new roof, windows, doors, siding and interior renovations. During his stay here he mentored several Seminarians and was also appointed for a five year term as Provincial Spiritual Advisor of the Catholic Women's League, Provincial Council.  In August 2009, Father Ed Terry assumed the duties of Parish Priest of St. Ann's Parish in the Codroy Valley.

Reverend Terry Boland
14th Parish Priest of Lourdes
2009 - 2013

Father Terry Boland was born in Curling, Corner Brook. In 1976 he became a Capuchin Franciscan Friar, studied for his Masters of Divinity at Toronto School of Theology and was ordained to the priesthood in 1982.  As a friar he was involved in youth ministry at Mt. Alverno and was one of the founders of St. Francis' Table in Toronto, a restaurant serving full course meals to the needy for one dollar (in 2010 the Table served its 1,000,000th meal). He worked as a home-care worker with AIDS patients at Fife House, Toronto and studied at Ontario College of Arts, St. Jerome's College, Waterloo and the School of Applied Theology, University of California at Berkley. In 2001 he became pastor of St. Columcille Parish in St. Fintan's, Newfoundland and afterwards served as Parish Priest of Maria Regina Parish in Port au Port for five years. In August 2009 he was appointed as Administrator of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. From the day of his arrival in Lourdes, Father Boland has been heavily involved in all aspects of the Parish and was responsible for the planning and design of the Centennial Project which included the building of wheelchair accessible facilities in the Parish Church, i.e. bathroom, kitchen, multi-purpose room, large entrance foyer and a winter Chapel. In addition, large storage facilities were incorporated in the space above the Centennial complex and many other refinements were made in the main body of the Church itself. He advised the Grotto Committee on improvements to the Parish Grotto, designed the space and infrastructure for the proposed Centennial Garden on the Parish grounds and designed a new Pastor's Office and Waiting Room in the Parish residence. He organized  an octave of Parish Centennial celebrations which took place in early August 2012. Since August 2011, Father Boland was also responsible for Our Lady of the Cape Parish as well as Our Lady of Lourdes.
On June 26th, 2013 Father Boland assumed the position of Parish Priest of Immaculate Conception Parish in Deer Lake.


Reverend Gerard Patry
15th Parish Priest of Lourdes
2013 - 2017

Father Gerard Patry was born in the Codroy Valley. After graduating High School in June 1975, he went to Vocational School and entered the trade of Carpentry and Joinery.  After working in the trade for a few years, he enrolled in an Arts program at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in 1980 and, after deciding that a Religious calling was what he really wanted, went to All Hallow's College in Dublin, Ireland in 1982 and was ordaied to the Priesthood on May 29th, 1990.  Since that time, he served in St. Stephen's Parish, Stephenville as an Associate Pastor, was Parish Priest in Port au Choix, Bird Cove, Port au Port and St. Georges & Stephenville Crossing before coming to us as Parish Priest of Our Lady of Lourdes & Our Lady of the Cape Parishes in June of 2013.  During his time here, the Parish had the largest, single fundraiser in its history netting almost $450,000.00 for much needed upgrades to Parish infrastructure (Parish Church, House, Hall) as well as assisting our Mission Chapels. Fr. Patry was involved in every aspect of Parish life and also served as Spiritual advisor of Our Lady of Lourdes Council of the Catholic Women's League. On June 28th, 2017, Fr. Patry assumed the position of Pastor of Holy Rosary Parish in Pasadena, as well as being appointed Vicar General of the Diocese of Corner Brook & Labrador.

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Reverend Lourdhu Raju Madanu
16th Parish Priest of Lourdes
2017 -