Centennial Memorial Mass

The Octave of Centennial celebrations culminated with a Centennial Memorial Service on Monday August 6, 2012 remembering all those parishioners who died over the past century and their contribution to the strong, vibrant, lasting Parish they helped to build.  Parishioners provided photos of their loved ones which were displayed at the front of the Church and the Lourdes and Mainland Church choirs were on hand to further solemnize the ceremony. The Ceremony opened with a display of flags being marched to the front of the Church by representatives of the communities that make/made up the parish.  Flags included our National flag, the Union Jack, Provincial flag, the Papal Flag, Mi'Kmaq flag, Acadian Flag and the Francophone flag.  During the ceremony the family names of the nearly 1,200 deceased members of our Parish were read out individually and candles lit in their honour. Brothers Robert & Bernard Felix of Black Bluck Brook played a beautiful, heart-rendering piece of music that Bernard had written for his Mother and which captivated the congregation on this occasion.

At the conclusion of the ceremonies, parishioners gathered once again at Our Lady of Lourdes Auditorium for a reception provided by the Catholic Women's League.  This gave parishioners the opportunity to not only reflect on all those who contributed so much to our Parish and how they were honoured, but also on their own cntributions to the success of the Octave of Centennial Celebrations that were now concluded.

As with all the other Centennial events, Parishioners should be proud of how they all came together to ensure the success of eight consecutive days of celebrating and feasting.  The Parish most certainly owes a debt of gratitude to all of the organizers and volunteers who made it happen, as well as all those who contributed so freely to ensure the success of these celebrations. You can all be proud of your efforts and contributions as we now enter the beginning our 2nd Century as Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.


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