Without a doubt,one of the highlights of our Centennial celebrations was the inaugural Dinner Theatre held on Friday, August 3rd, 2012.  Over 200 tickets sold out in a very short period of time and, unfortunately, a large number of people could not be accommadated.  The evening began with a hot turkey Supper prepared and served by the Catholic Women's League with a little help from their Spiritual Advisor, Reverend Terry Boland.  This sumptious meal was followed with a wonderful dessert, along with tea and coffee.  Around this time local entertainers from every community within the Parish began to show their talents, to the delight of their audience.  Music and song was entertwined with "skits" from our local comedy troupe and the building rocked for several hours from the sounds of applause and laughter. As well as our local parishioners, many former parishioners from away, as well as several people from the Bay St. George area who were lucky enough to obtain tickets, were treated to a spectacular evening of dining, music, song and laughter that they will not likely soon forget.  The concensus at the end of the evening was that this should be an annual event - which surely would continue to be sold out. 

This evening of fine cuisine and superb entertainment could not have been possible without the hard work of so many volunteers from so many communities that make up our wonderful Parish.  We could never name you all without inadvertantly omitting someone whose contribution was important to the success of this event so, suffice it to say that everyone who contributed in any way, large or small, should be so proud of belonging to a team that showcased our Parish so wonderfully during our 100th Anniversary celebrations.

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