For some time, Father Terry Boland has prided himself on his French Crepes and, while he had prepared his signature Crepes for select groups and individuals at "The Kabin" in Port au Port, he had not attempted this with the general public.  This changed on February 5th, 2012 when he opened the Centennial Room of the Parish Church complex as a Crepe Cafe for two hours and prepared and served dessert Crepes to parishioners with the help of a volunteer staff.

He spent days decorating the Centennial Room in an authentic French motif, had menus prepared and sold a limited 50 tickets on a "1st come - 1st served" basis.  Ticket holders were given specific reservation times and the tickets sold out quickly.  He personally supervised the mixing of the batter and trained his sous-chefs on preparing the perfect Crepe with an ideal presentation for the patrons. 

On Sunday afternoon the first patrons were greeted by the Maitre D' and shown to their seats.  Waitresses provided menus outlining a large selection of fillings for the Crepe of their choice and treated each patron to a glass of red or white wine while they waited for their Crepe to be freshly prepared.  Along with the succulent Crepes, tea and coffee was served and the patrons enjoyed up to an hour of relaxation and pleasant conversation with their friends, neighbours and fellow parishioners.  Chef Boland also demonstrated his art in front of the patrons on several occasions throughout the afternoon.

Parishioners from every community in the Parish were represented and one and all extolled the quality of the dessert Crepes, the service, the ambience of the Cafe and the comradrie.  All in all, Father Boland's Crepe Cafe experiment was a resounding success and proved to be a great start to our Centennial celebrations.

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