On April 2nd, 2012 a new stained glass window was placed behind the Altar of our new Centennial Chapel, aptly named the Chapel of St. Bernadette.  Actually the only thing new about this window is its shape, as the stained glass came from one of the front windows of the original Parish Church.  When the original Church was torn down, the contractor and a parishioner, Mr. Wayne Young, removed these windows and stored them in the workshop of Mr. Hubert Hynes of West Bay Centre where they remained all these years in their original state.  When the Parish learned of their existence, Wayne and his wife Sandi generously donated one of the windows back to the Parish and another parishioner and local artisan, Mrs. Marina White of West Bay Centre, removed and cleaned the stained glass and constructed the new window for the Chapel.

The Parish owes a debt of gratitude to Wayne and Sandi for preserving this piece of Parish history for all these years and also to Marina for the work of art she produced for our new Chapel.  It is apparent that the same dedication and generosity exists in our parishioners today as it has over the past 100 years.  Hopefully, this little piece of Parish history will carry us through the next hundred years until we celebrate our Bi-Centennial.


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