Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Centennial celebrations got off to a good start on July 30th, 2012 as Bishop Peter Hundt and several former Parish Priests and Parish Administrators visited for a Prayer Service and a social.  They first dined in the residence with Father Boland before gathering in front of the Church to meet & greet the large number of Parishioners who had come out to participate.  Groups, organizations and individuals from every part of the Parish were represented and both the Lourdes and Mainland Choirs provided Choir services in both Official languages. Father Molloy, Father Grace, Sister Betty, Father Ed Terry and Seminarian Andrew White all spoke of their time spent in the parish, of the generosity of the people and of their reluctance to leave at the end of their terms. Their reminiscing and anctedotes brought back fond memories for many of those present.  Bishop Hundt reiterated the friendliness, generosity and faith of our Catholic Parish from his personal experience during his short time here as Bishop of the Diocese of Corner Brook & Labrador.  He spoke of how proud we should all be for having continued to build on the Parish over the past 100 years and for having maintained such a strong, vibrant, faith community to this day.  During the Prayer Service, Father Boland conducted a renewal of Baptismal vows for all Parishioners present and Bishop Hundt prayed a special Blessing over the congregation.

During the social that followed in the Centennial Room, everyone had the opportunity to reminisce individually with former pastors and pastoral administrators.  The end of the first of the octave of our Centennial celebrations left everyone with a feeling of community, faith and of hope for the future.

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