Our Lady of Lourdes  Council of the Catholic Women's League had its beginnings back in 1976 under Father Bernard B. Buckle, and the first President of this group was Mrs. Ethel Woods.  However, this Council officially became affiliated with the National League of Canada some ten years later on April 13th, 1986.  Initial enrollment for the new Charter group consisted of 72 Regular  members.  This affiliation with the National League became possible through the encouragement of Father Desmond McGrath. 

The motion to have Our Lady of Lourdes  Catholic Women's League affiliated with the National League of Canada was made by Mary Green and seconded by Margaret Flynn.  The Chartered Executive of the day included:

                                     Geraldine Collier (President)                                                    Marina White (President - Elect)
                                     Marian White (Vice President)                                                  Kathleen O'Quinn (Secretary)
                                                                                               Mary Collier (Treasurer)

The Provincial President at that time was Mary Ward.

                                                      ORIGINAL CWL CHARTER MEMBERS - 1986

                          Barbara Barter                                            Delsie Greene                                                 Gladys Ridgeley
                          Helen Barter                                                Helen Greene                                                  Roberta Ridgeley
                          Bertha Bozec                                              Julia Greene                                                    Allie Sheppard
                          Magdelen Bullen                                        Lillian H. Greene                                             Minnie Sheppard
                          Marilyn Bullen                                             Marie Greene                                                   Loretta Sjoen
                          Betty Bungay                                              Mary Greene                                                    Cynthia Skinner
                          Laverna Bungay                                         Odelia Hall                                                       Gail Skinner
                          Mabel Bungay                                             Patricia Hinks                                                  Rosalie Skinner
                          Cynthia Collier                                            Bernadette Jesso                                            Barb Smith
                          Geraldine Collier                                         Esther Jesso                                                   Florrie Smith
                          Mary Collier                                                 Theresa Jesso                                                 Genevieve Smith
                          Ruth Collier                                                  Eunice Lowe                                                   Elizabeth Snook
                          Sandra Collier                                             Joan Marche                                                    Hettie Snook
                          Ida Darlington                                              Marie Meaney                                                  Kathleen Snook
                          Bernadette Murray                                     Yvonne Dennis                                                Mary Snook  
                          Elizabeth O'Gorman                                  Mavis Drake                                                     Sandra Snook
                          Teresa Drake                                               Brenda O'Gorman                                          Shirley Snook
                           Juanita Fitzpatrick                                    Theresa Snook                                                Ann O'Gorman
                           Anastasia Flynn                                         Kathleen O'Quinn                                           Mary Tucker
                           Elizabeth Flynn                                          Peggy O'Quinn                                                Elizabeth Vallis
                           Lillian Flynn                                                Shirley O'Quinn                                               Marina White
                            Margaret FLynn                                         Bernadette Penney                                        Marion White
                           Bridget Gale                                                Madonna Quann                                             Julia Young
                           Veronica Gaudon                                      Margaret Quann                                               Phyllis Young   


                                                Elizabeth (Bessie) Benoit                                      Marie Meaney                      
                                                Joan Benoit                                                               Doris O'Gorman
                                                 Magdaline Bullen                                                                           
                                                 Mabel Bungay                                                           Margaret Quann
Laverna Bungay                                                       Peggy O'Quinn
                                                 Delilah Bungay (Secretary)                                   Minnie Sheppard
                                                 Geraldine Collier                                                      Cynthia Skinner                      
                                                 Teresa Drake                                                            Gail Skinner                 
                                                 Cecilia Duffenais                                                      Elizabeth Skinner
                                                  Patsy Felix (President)                                          Genevieve Smith
                                                  Leona Fitzpatrick                                                    Lee Ann Smith
                                                 Susan Flynn                                                              Deborah Snook
                                                 Venecia Flynn                                                           Liz Snook (Past President)
                                                 Delsie Greene                                                            Loretta Snook
                                                  Helen Green                                                              Mary Snook
                                                  Marie Green                                                              Shirley Snook
                                                  Patsy Hodder                                                           Evangline Tucker
                                                  Bertha Hynes                                                           Elizabeth Vallis
                                                  Cecilia LeCoure                                                       Marina White 
                                                  Barbara LePrieur                                                     Marion White
                                                  Madonna March                                                       Sylvia Oliver 
                                                  Sheila Bozec                                                            Theresa (Pat) Young
                                                  Janice Power                                                            Cynthia Collier
                                                  Sandra Collier                                                           Joanne Flynn     
                                                  Rose Benoit                                                              Marina Lainey    


                                                  Ida Darlington                                                                   Marguerite LeCoure
                                                  Marguerite Drake                                                              Eunice Lowe
                                                  Elizabeth O'Gorman                                                        Yvonne Dennis
                                                  Anastasia Flynn                                                                Florrie Smith
                                                  Veronica Gaudon                                                             Elizabeth Snook
                                                  Julia Greene                                                                      Rosalie Skinner                                                                     
                                                  Esther Jesso                                                                     Martha Sheppard
                                                  Theresa Jesso                                                                  Hettie Snook
                                                  Frances Jesso                                                                  Kathleen Snook
                                                  Mary Tucker                                                                      Kathleen (Kay) O'Quinn

Since being affiliated with the National League, five members of the local Council have offered themselves as Presidents of the local Council, namely:  Geraldine Collier, Marina White, Marian White, Marie Meaney, Liz Snook and our current President, Patsy Felix.  The local League has been visited by both the Provincial and National Councils over the years and there have been numerous workshops.  A local member, Marina White, has served two terms on the Provincial Executive and facilitated the "Project Grow" initiative.

While there have been many pleasant memories throughout the years, the local League has progressed well and its presence can be felt in every aspect of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish through its support of our Church, Parish and Communities within.  Since its inception, the Catholic Women's League has given personal and financial support to the Parish through Service and fundraising activities.  A "short list" of this support is as follows:

                         -  helping to pay for the mortgage on the Parish Church;
                         -  purchase of the Statues for Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto;
                         -  initially computerizing the Parish office;
                         -  purchasing the Paschal Candle stand, Crucifix, propane candles, hymnal boards;
                         -  Albs for altar servers;
                         -  Baptismal gowns, candles and crib medals to newborns for the Sacrament of Baptism;
                         -  participation in "Operation Christmas Child;"
                         -  annual financial support towards the Parish insurance premiums;
                         -  serving on the Parish Pastoral Council;
                         -  serving as Lay Ministers in all aspects of Church services;

and the list goes on and on.

At this period in Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Women's League history, we are honoured to have our present Parish Priest, Father Gerard Patry as the Spiritual Advisor of our local League.

April 15th, 2012 ................. Members receive Long Service Certificates




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