Our Lady of Lourdes, Pray For Us

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 marked the 3rd day of our octave of Centennial Celebrations and, for the 2nd time, the Parish was honoured to have Bishop Peter Hundt present to bless the site of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Grotto as well as our Centennial Complex.  Also present for the Ceremony was a Knights of Columbus Honour Guard made up of Grand Knight & Commander, Sir Knight Arthur Swyers, and 4th Degree Knights from Council #3742 in Stephenville, including three "Sir Knights" of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Roundtable, affiliated with Council #3742.  A large number of Parishioners turned out for this solemn event and, after a Special Blessing of the congregation by the Bishop in the Parish Church, the procession moved to the rear of the Church where the Bishop then bestowed Special Blessings on our Winter Chapel (Chapel of St. Bernadette), as well as the Memory Board, Greeting Area and Centennial Meeting Room/Complex.

The solemn procession then paraded past the Honour Guard outside the Church and proceeded onto the Grotto Site, singing hymns along the way.  The Bishop stopped at various intervals to bestow Special Blessings on the Memory Walk, new Grotto Entrance, Stations of the Cross, Christ the Redeemer Statue and finally, the Grotto site of Our Lady and St. Bernadette.  Decades of the Rosary were recited along the way by the Grotto Committee and all assembled.

It is only fitting, as pointed out by Bishop Hundt, that the Special Blessings of the Grotto grounds occur on the 25th Anniversary of the original Grotto site and the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish.  This beautiful site began with the vision of a local stonemason and the Grotto itself was made possible by the Catholic Women's League with the placement of the statues of Our Lady and St. Bernadette.  Since 1998, care of the site and improvements to the grounds to include the walkways, Memory Walk, Stations of the Cross and Christ the Redeemer Statue was assumed by the Grotto Committee, a group of local volunteers who put thousands of hours into building and caring for this beautiful site.  It is only with their tenacity and devotion, the generosity of our Parishioners and the support of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish that this amazing site continues to be a place of solace, comfort and dedication to the thousands of visitors who have come and are continuing to come for the ultimate experience.

Saint Bernadette, Teach Us How To Love And Serve


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