On Thursday, February 9th, 2012 Bishop Peter Hundt, Bishop of the Diocese of Corner Brook & Labrador, and Monsignor Ed Gale, paid an informal visit to our Parish Church.  While the main reason for their visit was to discuss proposed renovations to the Sanctuary and front of the Church, they also took this opportunity to tour the Centennial facility constructed at the rear of the Church.  Although Bishop Hundt had been in the Parish in the early stages of construction, he had not seen the finished product until today.  It seemed quite apparent that the Bishop was both impressed and pleased with the results. 

Of course Father Boland also took this opportunity to impress Bishop Hundt and Monsignor Gale with more of his culinary talents by preparing Lunch in the Centennial Room for his guests.  The main course consisted of a local seafood chowder of lobster, scallops, salmon and mussells (and other species of the ocean depths), simmered in a fish bouillabaisse.  Dessert, of course, was his signature crepes.  The looks on their faces from both the main course and dessert showed their absolute delight with the repast.  Father Boland also took this opportunity to brief the Bishop on some of the proposed activties planned for our Centennial celebrations and to get a committment from him to make a formal visit during this time frame to bless the new Winter Chapel (Chapel of St. Bernadette) and to bless and participate in a ceremony at the Grotto.

Three hours later Bishop Hundt and Monsignor Gale were on their way with full stomachs, and Father Boland seemed pleased with their visit although he was a little dissappointed that, in the excitement of the tour of the Centennial Complex and Lunch, he had neglected to show them his new Office and Waiting Room in the Parish residence.  Oh well, maybe next time .....



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